Tuesday, August 28, 2012

many blessings

The pre-wedding reflectiveness is most definitely setting in here. It's a good thing, though. It's making me realize how very much I've been blessed, and how much I have for which to be thankful. Here are some of the little joys I've been keeping track of in my mind....

sunlight reflecting off bright green leaves
cool breeze
the countdown. (11 more days!)
my bridesmaids' dresses
unawkward phone conversations with lovely people
watching everything coming together
John 16:33
the click of long nails on piano keys
guys in tuxes
getting a free perfume sample in the mail
getting a marriage license and feeling like a grown-up :)
checking things off my pre-wedding to-do list
family, and soon-to-be family
laughter unstoppable

What are some of your joys? 


  1. Today I am happy in the joy I have in Christ. I am so thankful that no matter what the future holds He will always be with me and lead me in His perfect will if I trust in and listen to Him. Also thankful for the bright pink flowers in my yard :-). They are so bright and cheery. They make me happy. :-)

  2. My number 1 joy is you, sweetheart. I've enjoyed watching our house come together and watching God provide so many of the little things for our wedding. I've enjoyed knowing I won't have to live in solitude for much longer. =)

  3. AWwww....Chris, that's so sweet...I think I have a cavity! ;) LOL...sounds like Rachael is getting a great guy :)

    My joys? Too many to count, but here are some of my favorties:
    1.) My AWESOME, sweet, and handsome hubby.
    2.) AUTUMN!!! The smell, the colors...bring it on!
    3.) The tantalizing smell of coffee.
    4.) A great deal at a yard sale :)