Thursday, November 8, 2012

2 months :)

Chris and I were married 2 months ago today. And yes, it does feel like it has flown by, as we've stayed very busy since then. 

I wanted to list some of the things marriage has taught me so far. 

  • Be the first to say you're sorry. Don't wait for the other because "he started it" or "what I said was justified," etc. 
  • Everybody is selfish, including you, so recognize the areas you're putting yourself first and work on putting the other ahead of yourself.
  • Talk about expectations - in ANY area! You never know what you'll discover about each other's expectations. Some need to be dumped, some need to have a reality check, and some perhaps can be fulfilled by the spouse in a tender way, drawing the two closer together.
  • Communication is key! Talk to your spouse about everything, from silly to serious.
  • If you're exhausted, odds are your spouse is too. Go the extra mile and do one sweet thing for him before going night-night. 
  • Be observant of his desires, even small ones. He notices when you pay attention to his wishes, even if he just mentions them in passing. 
  • Don't make deals. ("I'll do this if he does this.") 
  • Pray for each other fervently. You know the most about your spouse next to God. Pray like it!
Those are just a few of the things God is teaching me through this wonderful relationship called marriage. I love you, Christopher, and am so thankful God brought us together! :)

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