Friday, April 12, 2013

Garage sales!

Yesterday while driving down my road, I noticed a subdivision near my house was doing a bunch of garage sales starting this morning. I called my mom and sis, and out we went! I found just a few things, but I'm excited about all of them!

1) Right off the bat, I found a yeast-free cookbook for my sister-in-law. Looks great and was just $1.

2) I found a pretty frame for my home that I've been keeping my eye out for, since my mom has had one in our home our whole lives. ($5)

3) I found a replica Burberry tote bag, in GREAT shape! I'm a Burberry fan, and these things usually sell for hundreds of dollars, so I was pretty excited! ($10)

I was really thankful to find some nice stuff for only $16! I'm really in the garage sale mood, so hopefully it warms up here and stops raining so we can really go shopping! :P

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