Thursday, October 10, 2013

I take them.

I take at least three vitamins at least once a day. Combine that with a little exercise and no extra sugar, and I'm set for a day of better-than-usual energy. Here are the five capsules/vitamins I took today.

Women's Food Based Multi - (This is the horse pill. :P) I use the Whole Foods brand. This is my favorite overall vitamin as it gives you well over 100% DV of some top vitamins such as A, C, D, E, B12, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, etc. 

B12 - (This is the round pink one.) I use the Nature Made brand. Even though the multi gives me what I need for the day, occasionally I'll take an extra dose. It helps with energy, concentration, immune system, allergies, and a healthy heart. 

Calcium - (The white one, of course.) Again, I use Nature Made. The top use of calcium is strengthening teeth and bones. It also helps lessen PMS symptoms (can I get an amen??), works as an antacid, and studies are being conducted to see if calcium working together with Vitamin D can prevent breast cancer. Pretty cool.

Olive Leaf - (The black capsule.) I use the brand Gaia Herbs. Olive leaf supports a healthy immune response. I usually take this when I get sick, which is dumb because at that point it's kind of late. But it does help me get better faster! I've now started taking it every few days just to help me STAY healthy.

Vitamin E - (The prettiest one of the bunch, and easiest to swallow.) I use Nature Made. This antioxidant boosts the immune system to help fight bacteria and viruses, and helps prevent blood clots. 

Now, I'm interested in knowing --

Do you take vitamins? 
What do you take and how often?
Do you like any particular brands? 
Do any stores have better deals on these things than others? 

Feedback, people. Feedback! :)


  1. I take these:

    and these:

    Twice a day unless I forget for supper which I usually do...... :)

  2. I take vitamins, when I remember. Hmm...maybe I should take one of the ones that's helpful for memory and brain function. :P Well, when I do take vitamins, I take Shaklee Vita-Lea with iron as my multivitamin (2 a day), Shaklee B Complex for lots of Bs (2 a day), Country Life Calcium-Magnesium (4 a day/6 a day when pregnant/nursing - at bedtime because calcium is a muscle relaxant), Swanson EFAs - Cod Liver Oil gelcaps (2 a day), Shaklee Moodlift (1-4 as needed, depending on the day - great for postpartum/chemical/hormonal imbalance and anxiety in general), Natrol Omega 3-6-9 (2 a day - can get these at Walmart), Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex (2-3 a day if everyone around me is getting sick). I usually take all of these when pregnant and forget to take them most any other time. Shaklee is pretty expensive but supposed to be really high quality. My midwife has done her research and recommends Shaklee but prefers Country Life Calcium Magnesium. For good deals, you should check out They carry their own brand, but also have gobs of other brand name products for really good prices. They also have lots of customer reviews, which I require before ordering most anything on the internet. I get my organic shampoo and conditioner from them for half the price of what it costs at Whole Foods. Plus their shipping rate is great! Okay, I'm done with my advertising. :P You should also check out how important magnesium is and how it works with calcium. Here's the web address to good article that I just found - Sorry, I don't know how to make it a link. Okay, I'll stop now. :)