Friday, January 30, 2015

online barf

I'm good and mad tonight. There's a reason I shouldn't be on Facebook, and it's that it's very difficult for me to not get caught up in heated discussions of things I am passionate about. I am so thankful for this, my blog, as it offers a place where I can throw out thoughts with little to no feedback. I get things off my chest and can then go to sleep. :P I titled this post "Online Barf" because it is a random outpouring of things I've been wanting to say for a long time. 

1. First of all, do not trust the government, okay? I'm about two centimeters away from being considered a conspiracy theorist, I guess. I'm pro-small government, pro-GMO labeling, pro-homebirth, and anti-vaccination. If it's served on a government platter, I raise my eyebrow, lift the lid and sniff it, and more often than not, say "no thanks." When money is god there's no telling what kind of deceptive evil can creep in. 

2. Stop with the selfies. We really don't think you're that pretty, or if we did, that feeling disappeared around selfie #384. And please don't make your babies do selfies. Let them make the decision when they're teenagers and on Instagram. 

3. Do not like your own posts. Imagine high-fiving yourself in public. Same thing. 

4. I do not wear pants. That little maternity stint was the result of not finding maternity skirts anywhere until the third trimester, at which point I really didn't care WHAT I was wearing. Please don't think I've gone back on everything I've always believed and stuck to. Also, please don't feel that I judge you if you do wear pants. I am so very past that. 

5. Do not ask me if I'm breastfeeding, how breastfeeding is going, how long I breastfed, why I'm doing bottles, or when my next child will be conceived. That is none of your business. 

Thank you, and goodnight. :P

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