Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day Downtown

Today my friend Emillie and I went downtown for a day of fun. :) Once we made it there, we went straight to the Skydeck of the SEARS Tower. (It is NOT Willis. No. NO!) Neither of us had been there before, so it was super fun!

The front of the building.
Emillie and John Hancock. :)
Me and the same.
Some pics from the amazing-view windows.

It's a LONG way down...
Really long. I had to not think about it. :P
Sitting in "The Ledge."

We ate at Ed Debevic's, where the waiters are bratty and treat you like dirt. As soon as we walked in, the hostess girl yelled, "Hey weirdos. How many in your party?" And when we left: "Bye! Thanks for leaving!" :P This time I didn't get shorted on my change. :P
Blurry picture, but I liked this sign.
My first time to The Bean. It was really impossible to get good pics as it was crowded, and we both were in skirts meaning we couldn't do the usual feet-up-on-the-Bean pics. :(
Some theater.
I loved all the red seats. :)
After walking around Millennium Park, Em and I walked the Magnificent Mile and looked into a few shops. I just had to get a pic of these gorgeous blue plates I drooled over in Crate & Barrel. I might buy just one somewhere. That blue is perfect.
This was one of three windows full of Singer machines. Pretty neat. :)
"Anything you're looking for, miss?" "Yes. Something red and Blackhawks." {The Blackhawks Store, naturally. :P}
And the one-day-over-full moon. It was spectacular tonight. Still is, in fact. :P
So very fun day, and many thanks to Emillie for kind of putting it together and driving. It was great! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yummy in the tummy!

So today I decided to actually try making two recipes I found on Pinterest. The first was "Revolutionary Mac & Cheese," found here. This recipe called for Dijon mustard, and I really liked this as it kind of spiced up the flavor and made it a less-boring mac & cheese recipe. :) I couldn't get a picture before certain people dove in, so unfortunately it doesn't look so gorgeous, but this stuff was creamy and flavorful and rich. Take my word for it. :)
The second recipe I tried was "Oreo Cake Balls," found here. TALK about easy!! These things are DELICIOUS and addictive. Fun to make for a party or something. (I'm a serious Oreo addict.)
So yay. Miss Timid tries 2 new recipes and doesn't mess them up and they actually turned out like the pictures. VERY happy day. ;P