Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It was a potato chip kind of day.

Today I had a fairly-good-sized list of things with which to keep me profitable . I needed to practice, and make Dad's cookies, and scrub the tub, and read my convicting yet inspirational books, amongst other things. I had plans to knock all this stuff out in a row. To maybe even finish everything with some energy left over. Ha.

By 10 A.M. this morning, all I had accomplished was keeping Mom company at breakfast time and taking a 2-hr nap. This, as you know, is not a profitable start.

I am not the kind to remain unaffected psychologically by a non-profitable start to a day.

I got discouraged, and repeatedly groaned, "This is NOT a good day." "This is a SLOW day." "This is NOT going how I planned AT ALL." My family listened to me. It's not like they've never heard these declarations before. But my mom decided to say something about it. She did not let me off the hook job-wise. She encouraged me to get my stuff done and not to waste time, BUT she did admonish me to be flexible. To accept the fact that some days are meant to be taken slowly. Some days just kind of slip through our well-meaning and list-making fingers.

And sometimes, because we take them slow, we find these days full of treasures because we are forced to take the time to see them. To notice them. To thank God for them.

I realized this as I sat at my kitchen table eating the last of Mike's BBQ chips. I was having a good conversation with Mom. I treasure these conversations with her. I realized this as I played a soaring piano accompaniment to the bang of the snare drum. I treasure my piano/snare drum sessions with my sis. :) I realized this as I chatted with a dear friend who leaves soon to return to college. I treasure the now-more-scarce time with my best friends. I realized this as I watched the big flakes of snow fall and fall out there in the blustery. I REALLY treasure gorgeous snowy days (when I don't have to drive in it!) The list of treasures goes on.

And in case you were wondering, I got about 99% of my tasks completed by the end of the day today. Yahoo! But I am thankful for the slower day I had in which I could notice and enjoy the little treasures I have here around me in the safe haven I call home.

Notice any treasures today? I'd love to hear about them! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011: The Year in Retrospect

What a crazy, wonderful year! :) I am so glad I made journaling a habit, or I probably wouldn't remember all the great memories from 2011. I thought I'd categorize and list some of my memories so even my blog can become a kind of online scrapbook. :P

TRIPS {I went on a million this year.}
  1. I went to WI for the Every Child Can! class that was required before any Suzuki training.
  2. Went to AL on a family vacation.
  3. Went to OH on a ministry trip with my Sunday school class. (We visited the Creation Museum on the way!)
  4. Visited my good friends up in SD.
  5. Went to Deerfield, IL for the 10 days or so of Suzuki training.
  6. Went to SC twice. (I like it down there....)
  7. Attended the Majesty MusiCollege in IN with my mom and some friends.
BOOKS I READ THIS YEAR {Some are simply fictional fun. Others were very spiritually edifying. I do not necessarily fully endorse all the literature I list. :P}

  1. Tess of the Storm Country
  2. Stop Dating the Church
  3. The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt
  4. Set-Apart Femininity
  5. Preparing to be a Help Meet
  6. When Dreams Come True
  7. Let Me Be a Woman
  8. By Searching
  9. The Lost Clue
  10. What is Her Name?
  11. A Wrinkle in Time
  12. Sunlight and Shadow
  13. Grace for the Good Girl
  14. My Utmost for His Highest
  15. Streams in the Desert 2

  1. God is More Than Enough {Jim Berg}
  2. Beautiful in God's Eyes {Elizabeth George}
  3. The Genesis Flood {taught by Pastor Troy Shoaf}
  4. Dispensationalism {taught by Dr. Phil Ninan}

  • I went to Six Flags 5 times.
  • I got my first computer virus.
  • I finally heard the story of Hansel and Gretel.
  • I got my permit and registered to vote.
  • I met my video teacher Mr. McBride.
  • I played (as far as I counted) 8 concerts and 2 recitals.
  • I got my license.
  • I started this blog.
  • I got my first car.
  • I got 7 new violin students.
  • I woke up at 5 AM and watched the Royal Wedding. :P
  • I cheated in Uno for the first time. :)
  • I turned 18.
  • I attended college for the first time.
  • I was concert-mistress of an orchestra for the first time.
  • I joined Twitter and Pinterest.
  • I hiked 10 miles. Longest I've ever done.
  • I met Dr. Jobe Martin.
  • I won an online contest.
  • I braved Chicago's Skydeck.
  • I met Yi-Jia Susanne Hou.
  • I heard Yo-Yo Ma live.
And there it is. The summary of 2011. God answered so many prayers this year, and He showed Himself so strong throughout everything. He helped me do things I thought I couldn't, and He showed me areas that I had been withholding from Him and needed to surrender. He revealed Himself through many, many messages, testimonies, and Bible passages. I am so thankful for the ABUNDANT blessing He's poured on my life and those around me.

I look forward to many things this new year of 2012 - further developing my teaching, reading all kinds of books that are just waiting on my shelves, getting to know a certain marvelous guy even better, and learning to cook/bake some new things, but I honestly am most excited about finding out - searching out - even deeper the fullness we have in Christ. There is so much there. "O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him." {Psalm 34:8}