Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Suzuki Chronicles 2: Day 1

That's right, folks! I'm back again at the smiling campus of Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. I figured since I've already reached perfection as a Suzuki Book 1 teacher (haha, NOT), I should come find out how to be a fantabulous Suzuki Books 2 & 3 teacher. I will be here through the 8th of July, so if you have any interest at all about what I'm up to each day, I will be posting nightly.

So, Mom dropped Bethany and I off this morning. We put our stuff in our dorm room and got registered. Came back and got to sit and talk for a while before beginning the full day. We had orientation for about 20 min., and then 4 hours straight of class time. I was sad to notice that stuff I had perfectly memorized just yesterday is starting to blank due to my foggy sick brain. (I got a cold shortly before coming. Aaaah!) Oh well. Guess I know what to work on! 

Didn't really do tons in class tonight. She did a review of Book 1 and had us play a few Book 2 pieces. I've taken tons of notes already, however. She's a nicer teacher than the one I had last year, I think. She definitely doesn't give as much homework!! 

It appears that the food will be just as amazing this year as it was last. :D Yay for protein, fruit, veggies, juice, and DESSERT. 

And now I leave you. Bethany and I are going to go creep to the chapel, see if anyone's in there, and if not, I am going to PLAY ON THAT BEAUTIFUL BABY GRAND until some official or somebody comes to kick me out. At which time I will remind him/her that he/she should be amazed that I not only can play the exhausting instrument of the violin, but I can play a mean piano too. lol 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Consumed by God

I saw a human life ablaze with God,
I felt a power divine
As through an empty vessel of frail clay
I saw God's glory shine.

Then woke I from a dream, and cried aloud:
"My Father, give to me
The blessing of a life consumed by God
That I may live for Thee."

~ from Springs in the Valley

Camping (summarized)

I think this pretty much sums up our camping experience. LOL

No really, we had a good time. This pic was taken at half past midnight, right after the boys pulled all the stakes from the pins of our tent. :P 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012


My family is on a 3-day camping trip at Rock Cut State Park. Here is a pic of Mrs. Bradstreet, Mrs. Detzel, Mom, and I on a pedal boat. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Engagement Pictures 1

Chris and I finally got our engagement pictures taken! Mrs. Jolene Torvinen, a lady from our church, did a beautiful job, and it was fun walking around and coming up with ideas! :) Not sure why they show up blurry on here until you click on them. Oh well. More to come soon!

Why yes, he is awesome. :)

Only Chris could make a skirt look so good....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trust His Word!

Jesus made each star in heaven,
He created earth and sea.
He’s the keeper of all knowledge,
What is past and what will be.
Yet He offers His great wisdom
So we will not lose our way.
Like a Lamp it glows,
Every step it shows
You can know His will each day.
He is not a distant stranger,
He can be your closest Friend.
And He’ll always listen closely
When you share your heart with Him.
Jesus walks the path beside you
He has been there all along.
And He’ll guide your feet
When your step is weak
And your strength is almost gone.
Trust His Word! Trust His Word!
All God’s promises are true…
Trust His Word!
When your pathway disappears,
When your joy gives way to tears,
When you’re plagued with doubts and fears,
Trust His Word!

~ Unknown