Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Suzuki Chronicles 2: Day 1

That's right, folks! I'm back again at the smiling campus of Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. I figured since I've already reached perfection as a Suzuki Book 1 teacher (haha, NOT), I should come find out how to be a fantabulous Suzuki Books 2 & 3 teacher. I will be here through the 8th of July, so if you have any interest at all about what I'm up to each day, I will be posting nightly.

So, Mom dropped Bethany and I off this morning. We put our stuff in our dorm room and got registered. Came back and got to sit and talk for a while before beginning the full day. We had orientation for about 20 min., and then 4 hours straight of class time. I was sad to notice that stuff I had perfectly memorized just yesterday is starting to blank due to my foggy sick brain. (I got a cold shortly before coming. Aaaah!) Oh well. Guess I know what to work on! 

Didn't really do tons in class tonight. She did a review of Book 1 and had us play a few Book 2 pieces. I've taken tons of notes already, however. She's a nicer teacher than the one I had last year, I think. She definitely doesn't give as much homework!! 

It appears that the food will be just as amazing this year as it was last. :D Yay for protein, fruit, veggies, juice, and DESSERT. 

And now I leave you. Bethany and I are going to go creep to the chapel, see if anyone's in there, and if not, I am going to PLAY ON THAT BEAUTIFUL BABY GRAND until some official or somebody comes to kick me out. At which time I will remind him/her that he/she should be amazed that I not only can play the exhausting instrument of the violin, but I can play a mean piano too. lol 

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  1. I'm waiting eagerly for the next post. You're my FAVORITE author. :)I love you, sweetheart.