Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Suzuki Chronicles 2: Day 2

Second day down. Less than a week to go! ;P Today, like yesterday, was very full of class time. We had six hours of class altogether. It did sort of feel like a lot, but again it was full of very good information. 

We completed our first observation today. We watched this adorable 8-yr-old girl receive a lesson from Ann Smelser, our teacher. I noticed several interesting things, but I struggled with the particular observation form I was filling out. I don't know why; it just wasn't as nice as the one I used last year. I think I'll switch tomorrow. 

In class we got to cover the first 3 pieces in Bk. 2. I took lots of notes in my own notebook as well as in the teachers' packet Ann handed to each of us at the start of the course. 

Dinner was fantastic tonight!! Chicken quesadillas, refried beans, broccoli cheddar soup and Goldfish, peaches, chips, and a brownie. Yummy in the tummy. :) I told Bethany I'm glad she's here, but I'm not glad she gets to see how much I eat when all the food options are good. :P

Tonight we went to a concert by the Lincoln Trio. They had a very lively program full of mostly contemporary pieces. It was nice to see my friend's teacher, Desiree Ruhstrat. :)

And now I'm wrapping it up for the day. I am TIRED. Didn't sleep too great last night. I took a pic this morning that I considered sharing with you, and then thought, "What am I THINKING?!" :P Bye.

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  1. Glad you're getting good food. That always makes it more enjoyable. Constantly thinking of and missing my girl. <3