Monday, July 2, 2012

The Suzuki Chronicles 2: Day 3

Today there were only 2 hours of class time. The rest was observation, which was great because we'll get done sooner if we cram these few days full. I got slightly nervous in class today because we were talking about a really relaxed bow wrist, and the teacher had me play to demonstrate. AAAH! One of those instances where you can't tell if she asked you because you AREN'T doing it or because you ARE. :P (I hope I was....) 

I won't bore you with details about the 5 observations I did today. Most of them were pretty boring, to tell the truth. One of them however was led by Robert Richardson, and oh my word he is a BLAST! He's a younger guy from Manitoba. He kept everyone laughing but working hard. So fun. :)

I decided to opt out of the faculty recital going on right this very minute because I am super tired and still need to do some more memorization. *groan* I seriously should've tried hard to get that all done before I came. :( Oh well. Now I'm waiting for Bethany to get tired so I can play. :P I'm finding I can't memorize well with another solo going on less than 2 ft. from me. :P

What went on with your day today?

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  1. Work for your dad, work for myself, then more work for your dad. Very interesting day it was. Sounds like you had more fun than I did though. I did also get a haircut today which was something out of the norm. Now I'll go to sleep and dream about Rachael. Goodnight.