Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Wedding Shower!

Two notes about this post: it's SUPER long and full of pictures, and all the pictures were taken by my sacrificial brother who was the only guy around a million girls almost all night. :P

Friday night, July 20th, my friends Meghan and Laura hosted my wedding shower at IBC. The only thing I knew about the shower beforehand was that the colors were pink, light blue, tan, and white. That was it. The rest was a complete surprise. And what a beautiful surprise it was! Here are some of the first things I saw when I came downstairs:

The colorfully decorated tables. (It was a beach theme - my fave!! In the center of each table was a vase with live goldfish in it, shells, and a picture of either Chris or myself when we were younger.)

The "I Do" flip-flops on the punch table. :)

The pink lanterns were suspended over each table.

Each place setting had the adorable plate and napkin, plus a favor (some Hershey kisses wrapped in light green tulle and tied with a shell).

The dessert table before the desserts. (I had to include the cute pic of my fiance. :D)

Many ladies brought scrumptious desserts.

Mrs. Smith gave a challenge to me to benefit my husband by being content in the Lord. I was so thankful she was willing to do this for me on such short notice!

After Mrs. Smith spoke, her daughter Bethany sang an Irish blessing and her sister accompanied on viola. It was so lovely. I struggled to not get choked up! Love you, Bethany!

And then I told Chris's and my story.

Here are pictures of the individual tables and the wonderful ladies who took time out of their evenings to show how much they care and love. They are all such a blessing!

And the family table. :)


My silly note-taker. :)

Meanwhile, my prince was arriving in his grand chariot led by 400 horses.

He didn't want to go downstairs... LOL

...but he made it. :)

With friends and family.

Many, many thanks to Meghan and Laura for putting so much time and thought into the beautiful shower. I LOVED it and am so humbled by the kindness and generosity everyone has shown to me and Chris.

Next big church event will be the WEDDING! Crazy! :)


  1. Love this! Really wish we lived closer! Love you, Rachael! :)

  2. The wedding shower was beautiful,.. just like you, Rachael. =)

  3. The wedding shower looked gorgeous! Great job to Meghan and Laura. :) Congratulations once again, Rachael and Chris!

  4. Nice pics! I recognize some of those faces...especially the Baaske ladies and Mrs. Ray (sp?). Did you know that she taught me piano when I first started? :) Thanks so much for posting the pics! I love the beach theme!

    Katie :)

  5. That's so neat that she started you on piano! I was wondering if you'd recognize anyone. :)