Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Suzuki Chronicles 2: Day 6

I ended up spending the night at my own house in my very own bed last night because the traffic was so bad. I might've gotten back to the dorm before midnight, but Chris would've gotten home around 1. :P As it was, the poor guy had to drive me back up here at 5:30 this morning. *gag*

So, today was the lightest day so far. I had 2 hours of class and 2 hours of observation in the morning and then was done. I had a scrumptious lunch (mostacchioli w/ sausage, chili, fries, cinnamon apples, choc. pudding, and snickerdoodles). I came back to the dorms and was in the bathroom washing my face when the power went out. I never knew a room could be so pitch black. :P Thankfully it came right back on, but the router was messed up, of course, much to my grief. 

Two phone calls and a thunderstorm later, I was up playing through Book 3 and reading the preface and emailing my teacher without any nap in me whatsoever. :P And now I'm going to dinner. I'm not even hungry. :P

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