Wednesday, August 17, 2016

some random pictures

So you can see our faces once a year. :P


  • We are very close to getting a permit for our addition, which means work can begin again and we'll be that much closer to moving back in!
  • Peter now says "all done" and "juice," and lets me know when he needs a new diaper.
  • I have only 3 more books to read before I complete my 30-book reading challenge for this year. (Yes, my eyes are very tired.)
  • I have been organizing a 26-player string ensemble offertory. We play next Sunday night and I can't wait! 
  • I am currently teaching 10 students. 
  • I have been staying up till 1 AM most nights (because I am a fool), so if you see posts on other forms of social media at ungodly hours of the day (or night), that's why. 
  • Chris, Peter, and I are counting the days till September when we get to go to Sanibel, FL with some of our fave in-laws. 
  • I've been getting to do all kinds of fun, random activities, which have been documented on my Instagram. (I'm waaaaay better with pictures on there than here.)
  • I've been very full of thoughts but haven't had the peace of mind to sit and translate them into a blog post, but maybe one of these days it'll happen.