Thursday, December 29, 2016

oh hello

Hey there, little space of mine. I just wanted to say I had a wonderful, good-for-my-heart Christmas and I hope you did too. I am eagerly anticipating the death of 2016 (a hard, bitter year), but also looking forward to the year-in-summary blog post that goes along with that. Despite many "bumps" shall we say, the year held many fun distractions that I will very much enjoy reviewing. I'm also playing around with doing a video - yes, VIDEO - review of all the books I read this year. (46 so far!!) Not sure if I'll have the courage, but we will see. 

It is snowing now, and today is my last day of holiday break from teaching, so I think I will drink some hot chocolate and listen to some J*** Gr***n while I knock out some must-dos. Love y'all.