Thursday, March 30, 2017

untitled, except that is a title

I am up late crying. Never mind why. I am the only one awake in the house and it is dark and rainy, and I don't know what it is that I should write; only that I must. (It's therapeutic for me.) So here's my summary of today for no reason.

Today was good. I love days of full rain. Peter watched a movie first thing this morning while I ran around cleaning for the day of teaching in the living room. I planned each of the eight lessons, then got Peter into new clothes. I bought him a pair of jeans from ThredUp, and by some magic, they look cool and actually fit.

Even though I only teach a few hours each week, Thursdays are my longest stretch, and I miss being able to have Peter run up to show me things or say hi. So Thursday mornings I try to intentionally play and talk with him before handing him over to Grandma. He's been into giving random, free hugs and kisses lately, so our time of reading and playing ball on the basement floor was especially sweet.

Teaching went well today. Sometimes I end the day wondering why/how I even got into this because I feel I can't explain anything clearly, but today I felt like communication was good and progress was made.

Even though our dinner plan got messed up, it was still fun because Peter and I ran to Meijer with Dad, and that's ALWAYS interesting. We had everything from discounted salami to dry-erase markers in the cart. I ate two Milano cookies on the way home (fail). Dad put the pizza in the oven while I disastrously played through my favorite sacred piano arrangement at fortissimo. My goodness, is piano playing a stress-reliever for me! And playing the piano while it's raining outside is basically my favorite thing in the world to do.

Dad left for a quote so it was just Peter and me at home. I took him and our dinner upstairs and we finished watching Despicable Me and I popped in The Phantom Menace. (Peter kept asking for BB-8, and I told him no less than 5 times that this wasn't the one!) Chris got home and he and Peter wrestled like crazy people in the basement. I knocked out several more chapters of my current read, The Neverending Story, while Chris got Peter sleeping.

And here I am. Sunk a bit too deep in thoughts and memories and needing diversion before my already-red eyes and nose get redder still. Read any good poems lately? My best and dearest poem collection is packed away in one of those totes somewhere, and I miss it. All the people that I used to talk poetry with are no longer in my life, and I count that a great loss. Poetry is, in all seriousness, like a salve to me.

Anyway, I'm off to see what I can watch for free on Amazon Prime. Thankfully I can sleep in tomorrow.

EDIT: So I signed up for a free trial of Hulu because I didn't like anything I was seeing on Amazon. Ended up watching the pilot of a new show I've been interested in and bawled my eyes out at the ending. THIS IS MADNESS. lol