Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day in Sandwich

Today Mom and I went with another mom and daughter from church to a little town called Sandwich. We visited 4 antique shops. It took us a while as there were TONS of things to look through! I mainly looked through all the books I could find, but I did take a few pictures of things I liked. :) This pic was taken in a room full of country-ish fabric. I love all the plaid and brown and red.
Love all the blue stuff!
So many books! So little time! (And money...)
Here are the books that I ended up taking home with me. I shall list them simply because I'm excited about them. :) Here's the list: St. George for England (Henty), Self-Raised (Southworth), The Trail of the Serpent (Southworth), Tennyson's Poems, Pollyanna Grows Up (Porter), Tommy and Grizel (Barrie), Daily Food for Christians, Daddy Long Legs (Webster), Mother (Norris), Seven Last Things (Scofield), and Prince Tip-Top (Bouvet). All of them are the pretty, antique kind with the nice dusty smell and pretty scrolling writing in the covers from people long ago. I just love it. :) Anyway, not sure if I'll blog again before Christmas, so Merry Christmas, friends!

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  1. wow that looks like a ton of fun!!! wish i was there..:oD btw,MERRY CHRISTMAS! luv, Beth
    (hint: it's supposed to be a christmas tree...ya- fail attempt... it wouldn't let me do the whole thing.;)