Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brookfield Zoo with Aimee

A week ago my mom, Aimee, and I went to the Brookfield Zoo. Aimee hadn't been to a zoo since the last time we had taken her, which was about 5 yrs. ago! We had lots of fun. :) I think just about every animal was out and about moving around. It was a gorgeous day and everyone and everything knew it. :) The following are some pics I got with "my" phone, hence the really poor representation of my astounding and awesome and unparalleled photography skills.

"I love frogs!"
Yay for these things. Old America.
A snake that looked like chrome. And since I love chrome, I thought I'd take a pic for future exploration.
Le giraffe.

We had a great time together! I love my pal Aimee. <3

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