Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'll give You what You want (so long as I like it).

As I was perusing an online Christian music store, I came across a CD that I had some interest in. The page said the CD had two reviews, and I scrolled down to see what people said about it. The first review began with "I always wanted a God-honoring CD that had that 'country style' or celtic style twisted into it," and the second began with "I am always looking for good, God-honoring music that is not boring!" Now, both reviews ended with the typical "this was such a blessing to me" and "God bless your ministry" and the like, but I really couldn't get past those first statements. 

For a split-second I was only critical. I mean, it couldn't be more obvious from these people's statements that they were searching for music they wanted, styles they wanted, stuff that wasn't going to bore them. And if it happened to be "God-honoring," well then bingo! This is scary, because if they were searching for music based on what they decided was entertaining enough, couldn't - and maybe didn't - their brain talk them into believing it was God-honoring? 

And then the window I had been looking through turned into a mirror, so to speak. I saw this exact tendency in myself. My choices are made in a completely backward order. Step 1: Do I like it? Step 2: Is it "okay" enough to pass? Step 3: Does it bring any glory whatsoever to God? How self-focused! 

And when you really stop to think about it, if I am the one deciding what God wants or gets, He's no longer God at all!! Why call Him Lord if He is not? That's got to be grosser to God than not receiving any glory - our giving ourselves what we want and then pretending it's all for Him. 

I don't want to do this anymore. Enough of the Cain sacrifices. God lays out what He desires from us. He tells us what to hold in high esteem. Giving Him any less or giving what we think is enough is nothing short of mockery. If I really want to claim that He is my God, then I had better be resolved to do my best to give Him what HE wants, not what I want to give.

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  1. And to know what He wants, we have to understand His character and His Person, not just a list of things about Him. There is no substitute for raw amounts of time spent in His presence.

    How very true. Thanks for posting.