Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BFA Concert

Last night I played in my last fine arts concert! Very weird feeling, considering I've been in it every semester for 6 years! It went really well even though we all were exhausted. I don't think anybody got lost. ;) It was a lot of fun and I was very thankful it went so well. 

Here are the 100% organic brownies I made for the pre-concert dinner. The nuclear goop on top of course is not organic. It is not even food. :P

RB and I have kind of left off our 2-semester tradition of getting a pic together after the FA concert, but we figured since it was the last one for both of us, a picture was definitely a good idea. ;)

P.S. - Yes, I'm sick of my black dress, too. 


  1. What makes you say it's your last concert?! *sniff, sniff* Well, I hope to see you at future concerts as an attendee with your little one(s) in tow. :)

    1. Yes, even though I don't foresee playing in any more concerts, Chris and I and Baby will definitely be in attendance for future ones! :)