Thursday, April 16, 2015

Peter // 5 Months

So I kind of failed to get a nice pic of Peter today. :( He really lost it this afternoon and I was in no mood to try to make him smile after all that. But he turned 5 months today. 

He weighs about 17.5 pounds. He's in Size 3 diapers. He completely outgrew his bassinet, so tonight we set up his pack-n-play and he'll sleep in that till we figure out how to magically create more space. He can almost sit up unassisted, and has learned to talk in a super high, ventriloquist voice that makes us laugh. He has gone back to waking up 1-2 times a night, so I'm dying. :P He's gotten a lot more fussy with his gums being more sensitive. We laugh because the ONLY thing that works to calm him down every single time he's super mad is to play a certain song. The second I play it on my phone he goes completely silent and listens until it's finished. :) Yay for music and technology! 

So thankful for my little boy. Can't wait to get outside more and enjoy the warmer weather!

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