Saturday, July 11, 2015

Laura's Shower

A few weeks ago, my best friend Meghan and I had the honor of hosting our best friend Laura's wedding shower. It was my first time putting something that big together, so I definitely learned a lot about list-making and organization, but it was SO fun to work with Meghan and pull it off. Pardon the phone quality (or lack of). I was just glad I remembered to get a couple pics before it was all over.

Thank God for Pinterest. 'S all I'm gonna say. 

I also learned a lot about burlap. A lot. For instance, did you know that burlap stinks??? Or that it makes you itchy? Or that it shreds and keeps on shredding if you let it? And that it's barely ironable? 

She got a LOT more than that, I promise. 

Best friends for 20+ years! 

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