Monday, August 17, 2015

Peter // 9 Months

I really can't believe my little guy is already 9 months old. But alas, it is so, and I have a first birthday Pinterest board already created so it must be true.

This was a big month for Peter! As if crawling and sprouting two teeth weren't enough, he now spends more time standing than sitting, he learned to clap and wave, he's experimenting with talking, and he rocks back and forth to music. His favorite game ever is peek-a-boo, and just last night he learned to "hide" in his pack-n-play when Chris says, "Where's Peter?" and then JUMP up and smile so Chris will say, "THERE he is!!!!" :) SO fun. 

We got family pictures Saturday night by the lovely Jessica Shae, but while we wait for those, here are a couple of the good ol' iPhone-in-the-front-yard kind. :)

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