Friday, September 23, 2011

Johansen Farms

For a long time I had been planning to take my two friends, Megan and Mercy, to Johansen Farms. It finally happened today! Megan is 5 and Mercy is 3, and they are some of the funnest kids ever. :) Charlotte came along to help me keep an eye on both of them. ;) We had a blast!

Holding a little chick. This is (I think) an essential childhood activity. :)
Mercy wasn't too keen on the holding-a-baby-chick idea, so she just petted it. :)

On the hayride (obviously). Apparently something was very fun in putting hay in her hair.
{oops} A bit too short??

Megan enjoying her apple cider donut. :)
Look at that face. She's beautiful.
{It's why we come.} :P
My two lovely little friends enjoying the bouncy house.
We really had so much fun. Got pumpkins afterwards, too. Fabulous first day of fall. :) Looking forward to doing it again sometime!


  1. They're just as cute in these pics as they are in real life. :) You must have had a blast!

  2. Megan and Mercy are famous!

  3. FYI, Anonymous is Kristin. :-)

  4. Thanks again for taking Megan to Johansen Farms. Megan had a lot of fun! Her pumpkin is currently being used as a decoration for our coffee table. :-)

  5. You're so welcome!! I probably had the most fun. ;) Thanks for letting me take her!

  6. You're welcome! Well, actually, it wasn't me. It was my mom. :-)

  7. ah...such great memories! My parents used to take us to Johansen Farms when we were little. My brother, Phil, almost fell into the coop with the baby chicks one time! We even have it on! :)