Monday, September 5, 2011

IBC Labor Day Picnic

Happy Labor Day! For most of today, I was at our church's annual Labor Day picnic. There were lots of things to eat, lots of games to play, and lots of fun to be had. :)

The climbing wall was braved by many, both young and old.

The slide is one of my personal favorites. ;D

With my friend Rachael. (Yes, you're famous now, RB. :P)

With Kelly. Please no comments on my gravity-defying hair.

With my amazing fiddler friend Bethany. (You were great!!)

RB, RD, and Kelly. We were great cheerleaders. :)

Mom and I left the picnic early to go pick up my grandma from the hospital downtown. (Some have asked me to clarify downtown. When you live where I live, "downtown" ALWAYS means Chicago. :D) So, since I had my camera, I snapped some pics of interesting things.

Check out the uniquely bizarre gargoyles on this building.

Nuff said. :P

I love the intricate architecture of downtown.

I shall end with this goofy picture. I love it. :P Something about that sign just made me laugh.

Hope you all had a wonderful day today! :)


  1. Looks like you had way too much fun! ;) Can't I please comment on the anti-gravity picture?

  2. I LOVE your songs, by the way! :) "Romantic Flight" by John Powell is so beautiful!

  3. Great pictures! It was fun. :)

  4. Awww...I miss everyone at IBC! I recognized the Baaskes in one of the pics, but I don't know anyone else. I need to go back and visit someday!

    -Katie :)