Sunday, August 28, 2011

Park Pics :)

This afternoon we 3 kids decided to traipse off to the ol' park in our neighborhood. It is way too pretty outside to not take advantage of it with a little bike riding. Charlotte brought along her camera, so here are some "memories." :P

Charlotte went around the entire pond taking pictures of gorgeous flowers, water, birds, etc. I thought I'd poke fun at her just a tad, so I took this ultra-focused and beautiful picture of pollution. :D
Picture fail #1.
Picture fail #2.
You know who we are.
3 kids on park equipment #1.
3 kids on park equipment #2.


  1. I am going to absolutely refuse to believe that the other "kids" in these pictures are Mikey and Charlotte! Well, at least until I see them again in person to verify it. :) Wow! They've changed so much since we last saw them! :O

  2. Would you consider joining in on a day of Prayer for North Korea. And to spread the word about it. Check out the link on my blog. :)

    In His Grace

  3. awww....all u guyses are so grownup!;)

  4. its kinda creepy that you knew who commented...;o) i must have some kind of reputation...