Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rhapsody Strings Gig

Today our quartet was once again honored to play at Jared's Galleria of Jewelry in Orland Park. This time we had a 3-hour time slot. Yeah. It actually felt shorter than I thought it would, but we did go through all our music twice before finishing. :) I am always amazed at the amounts of money people have and are willing to spend on pretty, shiny things to put in your ears, on your fingers, around your neck, etc. I was a good girl and spent only $7,000 my mind, of course. ;) Here are some rings I wanted:

Tell me if you like them or not. :P It is my tradition to wear my $10 treble clef necklace to this gig, and today I also got to wear a tad of my favorite perfume since Mom didn't have to drive me. :) Anyway, getting to see a cushion cut diamond, as well as getting to try on a gorgeous Alexandrite ring, AND having it be a paying gig makes me a happy camper. :)


  1. Gasp! Sigh. Drool... I LOVE the emerald ring! :O

  2. Hooray! I can finally comment on your blog!! Don't know exactly what I did to fix it, but who cares!? :)