Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This year it has hit me harder than any other - that when Thanksgiving rolls around, I kind of pop into the "oh yeah, it's that 'give thanks' time of year" mode. Suddenly I'm aware of how often I complain and how, really, if the things I didn't give thanks for disappeared overnight, I'd be left with ashamedly little. How when someone says "thanksgiving," I more often think the day as opposed to a manner of life. I long for thanksgiving to be how I live, not just something I celebrate. 

If every breath I take, every moment, is grace, my life should be one big thank-you. 

And so here's a "thank-you" list. These are things I love and am grateful for. The list is dedicated to God, the Giver of all gifts, the Giver of all.

  • my husband, Christopher. my love, my dream come true, my example, my leader
  • my family, both sides! love you all. you have made my life beautiful. 
  • my darling friends. you trust me enough to share your friendship with me, and you listen to me and pray for me and laugh with me. I treasure you!
  • salvation - full, free, forever
  • grace unmeasurable, lavish, undeserved
  • the beauty of golden sunlight at sunset
  • laughter of little children
  • the Bible, truth for every day, every situation
  • beautiful books with beautiful stories that make me cry
  • the ocean
  • the brokenness before forgiveness, the restoration afterward
  • kisses when he comes home :)
  • warm, soft, enveloping light
  • all those family inside jokes
  • hot chocolate in the morning
  • knowing someone understands you
  • love, all of it - giving, receiving, witnessing...
  • smiles
  • a word fitly spoken
  • Psalm 13:6
  • playing violin and piano without reserve
  • specific answered prayer
  • the Thanksgiving church service full of Scripture, singing, and testimonies
  • dinners that turn out perfect
  • dinners that don't turn out perfect, but it's still okay :)
  • candles
  • that moment when you let all worries cease because you have given it to God
  • when someone sings the last note of "Happy Birthday" off-key
  • Faure's "Pavane"
  • 4 days of no work for the husband
  • baking cookies with no time schedule
  • hearing a song for the very first time, and loving it
  • driving with the window down and the heat on my feet
  • the faithfulness of my GOD
  • the beauty of His holiness
Thank you, Hannah Nicole, for inspiring me to write (type) out a list! Your blog goes on here as well. I absolutely love the beauty, poetry, and simplistic loveliness of your posts. :)

"By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name." {Hebrews 13:15}

May your Thanksgiving, friends, be full of beauty, grace, and the goodness of our great God. Happy Thanksgiving!

An Anthology of Thanks | Hannah Nicole


  1. Oh, Rachael, your list made my heart sing. So thoughtful, so honest, so beautiful. And your kind words about me blessed me more than you know. Thank you so much for sharing your own list of thankful thoughts and linking up!

    have a weekend filled with blessings and joy!

    ps. I am so hopelessly behind, but I still have a poem to write for you, if you're still interested. :)

    1. I'd love the poem, but only if you want to and have the time. ;)