Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Did You Expect?

If you get the chance, take some time and check out these DVDs of live sessions on marriage by Paul David Tripp. They are supplemental material to his book of the same title. Chris and I have been watching some of them together, and we've really enjoyed and benefited from them. Many of the principles he discusses are foundational and apply to many areas of life, whether you are married or single, so I recommend it to everyone, married or not. 


  1. What about the book? Would you recommend that for anyone too?

    1. Yes, the book is very good too. I've not finished it; I got about half-way through before lending it to my dad. :P But his use of Scripture as the foundation of his teaching is one thing I really appreciate. He doesn't use the KJV, but it's easy to look up the references and read it on your own if you like.