Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Tulle Wreath - a (kind of) tutorial

If you know me at all, you probably know that making crafts is more like a punishment for me than an excitement. It sounds terrible, but the thought of getting together with ladies to "make crafts" provokes an instant groan from the depths of my soul. :P Who knows why. Anyway, for me to make a craft, I have to 1) need it, or 2) really feel like I can do it and not fail. (We're talking major perfectionist here.) So when I saw this on Pinterest, I felt like maybe just this once, crafting and I could be friends.

I was off to Hobby Lobby - the place I always forget about and yet love every time I go. They have everything, it's a Christian company (yay for "Merry Christmas" and "Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving"), and are affordable. 

The fantastic tutorial I followed called for the following items:

a foam wreath
fall colored tulle
fall decorations (leaves, flowers, a scarecrow, etc.)
glue gun

Thanks to God's perfect timing, everything I needed (minus the wreath and glue gun) was 40-50% off. (It still is, so hurry out there!) I bought 6 different colors of tulle: green, crimson red, glittery orange (this added sparkle and texture), brown, cream, and basic red. You could also use burlap or wide ribbon for some more fun with colors, texture, and sparkle.

I didn't use any specific pattern with the colors; just kinda eyeballed it. I also eyeballed the length of each strip of tulle that I cut. The longer you go the better, in my opinion. You can always cut down, and it makes the evenness easier. I tied them on using the method the lady in the above tutorial used. I liked how wide it made the tulle, thus covering up more of the foam wreath.

So I tied and tied. It is a good idea to do something else as you tie, otherwise you might go a little loopy. For instance, you could memorize Scripture or pray through your family members. Or, in my case, watch River Monsters with your husband. :D Eventually it was finished!

As you can see, I still had some evening (?) out to do with the lengths. I did a little, but my anticipation of using a glue gun for the first time got the better of me, and I went right along to the decorating step. 

I bought a small clump of artificial leaves, as well as a random flower that I thought could go nicely with the colored tulle I bought. Snipped off a few leaves, completely de-stemmed the poor flower, and glued everything on. Then I tied on a bit of brown ribbon with which to hang the wreath, and...


I'm pretty happy with it, and I can't wait to hang it on our front door. The coolest part? It's a craft I made. The fact that I blogged it all shows how rare this occasion is. ;) But I'm ready for another one. 

I have all the stuff I need to make these pilgrim hat cookies, so maybe there will be a blog post about those in the near future. :)

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