Friday, September 13, 2013

one year :)

One year ago, on September 8th, I walked down the aisle to the man I had dreamed for years of marrying. In his smiling eyes - for yes, they always smile - I saw the love, passion, joy, truth, and goodness that had made me fall in love with him in the first place. 

If it's true that happily ever after is made up of todays, then I am well on my way to living a fairy tale life. :) 

Because happily ever after is full of details the stories don't tell you about. How he puts an ice cold water bottle on your nightstand every night without you asking. How he is so careful to detail to make sure the house stays looking nice. He comes home from work and works some more, so you have shelves to decorate and pictures on the walls and a yard that looks kept. How he teases you just to make you karate chop him. ;) How he bears the brunt of a difficult situation and gives advice. How he selflessly will watch something girly just because it's something you enjoy. How he patiently teaches you to cast a line and reel the fish in. How he forgives, like Christ, over and over, patiently, lovingly, accepting. 

Chris is my darling, my dream come true. How I hate cliches, because what Chris is to me cannot be put into words. He's like a constant strength, an absolute blast, and a gentle preacher all in one. :) I am so, so thankful, both to God for putting us together, and to Chris for choosing me. :)

When I am down, and oh, my soul's so weary; when troubles come, and my heart burdened be...

...then I am still, and wait here in the silence, until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up so I can stand on mountains...

You raise me up to walk on stormy seas.

I am strong when I am on your shoulders.

You raise me more than I can be.

I love you, Christopher Ryan Marsceau! I thank God every day for the perfect husband he gave me. I see Jesus in you every day and it pushes me to be a better person, a better Christian. Thank you for everything.

*All photography by the lovely Jessica Shae
*"You Raise Me Up" lyrics by Brendan Graham

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  1. A lot of happiness in these pictures - you both look very much in love. These are very smile-inducing :) happy anniversary