Saturday, October 8, 2011

SC: Round 2 {Day 1}

We just can't get enough of SC. :P This time Mom and I drove down with my friend Meghan's mom. We got here Thursday. I was invited to go watch a Tae Kwon Do class (ikr?) which I ended up thoroughly enjoying. :) (Other than the fact that it made me feel TOTALLY inept and out-of-shape. :P)

Yesterday morning Mom and I went to IHOP with Meghan and her mom. Meghan already had a few LOL stories to share, so it felt like old times. :) She had to get back to the campus for classes, so we not-so-quickly got a few pictures before saying goodbye. This is the ONLY one that turned out on my camera. :( Oh well.

Mom and I then proceeded to visit the BJU bookstore, where I got a few CDs and piano books as usual. Educator's Marketplace had a few clearanced piano books that also made me happy. :)

Final stop: Miracle Hill. Didn't find any books here - (I never do) - but I did find two blouses that I am SO excited about!

Today some of us are going hiking at Caesar's Head and then doing a corn maze that apparently gives you maps at the front. (Doesn't that defeat the purpose?? :D) Should be fun. TTFN!

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