Friday, May 4, 2012


When I was 14, I had one dream. A big, crazy dream I thought would never come true. It consumed me, really. I prayed about it. Wished for it whenever I threw coins into fountains, or blew out candles, or won the wishbone. I loved and wanted to marry Chris Marsceau. And, if that wasn't crazy enough, I dreamed of him proposing on Bald Rock, my favorite SC spot. :) 

I never dreamed that two years later we'd start writing each other, and two years after that we'd be engaged! 

So. The proposal story. After getting dinner at that place where I locked myself in the outhouse (lol), we drove up to Bald Rock. The sun was still fairly high and there were people around, so we walked to a more secluded area completely beautified by blooming laurel, dappled sunlight, and a flowing stream. We sat and Chris began to tell me sweet things that even you, my dear blog readers, are not privileged to know. ;) 

I knew it was coming, yet for a little while my heart decided to see how fast it could beat, and my brain decided to fog out. However, I was "with it" enough that when he got down and asked me to marry him, I said yes without a shaky voice. At least I hope so. (Chris, correct me if I'm wrong here. :D) 

He put the ring on my finger. That unbelievably gorgeous and perfect ring. The ring he so carefully chose and decided to give me, and oh my word it is lovely!

We both just sat there being so very happy. God's goodness has been so abundant to us, and to think our lives will finally be joined together is just about overwhelming! :) 

We came home to the family (who knew he was going to propose) and they were very happy. Everyone wanted to see the ring, of course, and congratulated us. 

Darling, thank you for this beautiful day and for your beautiful love. "The best is yet to be"! :) <3


  1. Congratulations, Chris and Rachael!!! That is a beautiful almost made me cry :-) I am so happy for ya'll and I am praying for you!

  2. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!! You are such a cute couple!!!! :D
    Luv, Anna
    P.S. Love the ring!!!! :)

  3. A BIG congratulations to you and Chris!!! The story of how you got together is so cute ;) Chris did a great job picking out the ring! I'm so excited for you two!

  4. NO WAY!!! I'm so happy for you! Congrats to you both! When's the wedding?

    Katie :)

    P.S. Now you can stop pinning rings on Pinterest :P LOL!

    1. LOL! Yep, deleted my rings board last night. ;) And we don't have a specific date picked out yet, but sometime this fall, Lord-willing. :)

  5. Rachel and Chris - what a beautiful story. All the very best to you both.
    The Durbins (Mark, Beth, Sarah & Delaney)

  6. Oh WOW!! Congratulations, Chris and Rachael!! :) I am so excited for you. See you soon!! :D

  7. Congratulations, Rachael!! Isn't God wonderful??? :) I am overwhelmed with His goodness and how He gives us our hearts desires when we trust in Him with ALL our heart! God bless you two to the brim. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Rachael,

    Beautifully written! Almost as beautiful as the day on Bald Rock. =) You're a wonderful girl, the best in fact. ;) And that day, the day I could ask you, the day you said yes, that day was the day I've lived for for a long time. And now it's here, now there, but never gone. It will live forever in my mind as one of the best days of my life. Now I look forward to the one day that will be better than all others. What day could be better than the day I get to marry the girl of my dreams?
    Thank you, darling, for the joy and love you've already brought into my life. I love you with all my heart.