Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For the Noisy Soul

First, let me say that this is all from Jim Berg's works Quieting a Noisy Soul and God is More Than Enough. My Sunday school studied the latter book last year for several months. It was such a blessing to me, as well as a conviction! Today I have been thirsting for verses on the goodness of God, His forgiveness, His peace.... How good of God to give us His Word! Such a vast treasure of holy truth, unparalleled righteousness, and unmatched grace and redemption! In our S.S. class each of us got to take home a little card with some main points from the study. We were each told to put the card in a spot where it'll be often and easily seen. I paper-clipped mine to my mirror in my room. I decided to share it with you.

Stabilizing Truths for Noisy Souls: The Knowledge of God

  1. God is always good! That means He will always meet my genuine needs, He will always forgive my sin, He is always up to something good in my life, He will always love me personally, He will always give me the grace I need. 
  2. God is always great! That means He is always in control of all things, He is always present with me, He is always the same, He is always trustworthy, He is always wise in what He does. 
Wow! I don't know about you, but I always have to go through that list ultra slowly to actually begin to grasp all of that, and let them all sink in. This list has brought me to tears several times - happy tears, btw!! - as I think of how undeserving I am of my Lord's goodness to me. His grace really IS amazing. He takes our marred persons and habits and personalities and likes and dislikes, and in His omnipotence turns it around and uses it for His glory when we are willing. He CHOOSES to work through us! One of my biggest dangers is believing Satan's lie that God cannot use me. When I repent and truly work to get closer to the character of Christ, I can experience these aspects of God more fully than anywhere else I could be. 

I'll admit it. This Tuesday I have a noisy soul. I have wars going on in my thoughts today. No sooner do I meditate on a verse and praise God for it than Satan throws another lie my way. I just finish wiping away tears and think I've gotten control over myself once again when another tear falls. God is using this day to bring me closer to Himself. This card by Jim Berg encouraged me and gave me comfort. I have no idea how your Tuesday is going -- if it's sunshiney out or raining, if you're happy or lonely, if you're hearing kind words or someone is hurting you. But I know that these truths stand firm throughout all, and I hope they encouraged you today. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Rachael. I also got to be in a class where we were studying Jim Berg's Quieting a Noisy Soul and Changed into His Image. Those series were such a blessing to me!