Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sky, Car Show, and Sparklers

Yesterday was our "day of rest." :P We have been going going going this past week, and were one tired bunch! We mostly just hung around the house playing Blurt, Battleship, and Mille Bornes, Ella made a pie, I taught a few students, and the kids painted their plastic sea animals. It was nice. :) 

We had thunderstorm warnings in the late afternoon, but nothing came of it except for the awesome, weird clouds. We got a few pics.

After dinner I took them to the weekly car show in downtown Plainfield. Will was pretty much in heaven. ;)

Chris got home from work pretty late, but we still had time for sparklers and pop-its.

Apparently Ella likes sparklers very much, for as soon as she got one in her hand, she tore around the yard giggling and yelling and turning and twisting, and finally fell down and lay there laughing. :P


  1. I did not yell! Well, maybe just a little bit.

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