Monday, May 13, 2013

chicken tractors: part 1

This past Saturday Chris and I finally got to start a project that's been in our plans forever: building chicken tractors! What's a chicken tractor? Here's Wiki in my own words: a movable chicken coop lacking a floor, allowing your chickens to be free-range but also providing shelter and protection.  So yeah. We're building two of them. Didn't totally finish them, so this will be the first in a series of posts. :P

Step 1: Build the frame.

Step 2: Staple on chicken wire.


  1. How will you protect them from predators? (coyotes, etc.) Take them in garage at night? I am asking this seriously. I am interested.

    1. Besides the fact that we will be getting a dog to keep away coyotes, hawks, etc., the vinyl-covered chicken wire will be all around the sides AND the top of the coop, and eventually there will be a steel roof and nesting boxes at one end. Hopefully that does the trick. :P

  2. Great! I am looking forward to more pictures and updates. :)