Tuesday, May 28, 2013

chicken tractors: part 2

With the day off yesterday, Chris got to work a little more on our chicken tractors. No rush to get chicks now - we found out Farm and Fleet is sold out for the year. :( We'll probably end up ordering them online. Anyway, here we go.

Step 3: Cut out and mount the front piece for the nesting boxes.

Step 4: Install the wheels for easy rolling. (We're going to have to move these things every morning!)

Step 5: Begin constructing the roof.

Step 6: Add some perches.


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  2. Rachael, thanks for shearing the step by step photos. Wow, this is a fantastic ides of building movable mobile chicken tractors that can be easily moved by one person. I assume this one is not yet complete? And there is part 3 coming soon? Please share the link to part 3 when it is finished. Also, anyone looking for a small tractor? ford 1220 Tractor. Thanks for shearing your project on wheels :)