Tuesday, May 14, 2013

so I'm 20

Today was (is) my birthday. No more teenage bride. I went to Chicago with some of my best friends - Mom, Charlotte, Meghan, and Laura. (Pictures to come.) The weather couldn't've been better. I had cheesecake and went on the Skydeck. The lake was blue. I saw many children enjoying being alive, making us smile with their antics. I listened to music a bit too loudly and ate a little bit too much sweets. I liked the pigeons and the wind. I read, no, sang, the verses on my last birthday chain: John 11:25-26. I admired pretty stationery. I revisited this poem. I didn't have a cake, or a fun dinner and evening with my husband which I wanted very much, but I love him and am very thankful for the birthday wishes you all have sent my way! Thank you. They made my day. :) 

And now I'm going to read, as sleep is pretty impossible right now. You sure responded to my "Suggestions?" post. THANKS!! I have lots of good book ideas to try out now. Keep 'em coming! 

'Night, world. 

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