Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Goodness of God

For those of you who follow me on Google Buzz, this is probably not a new image. I am blogging it because it reminded me of how incredibly blessed I am, and how good God is. I wanted to share some answers to prayer that I've seen in the past month. These were not vast requests, but sometimes the smaller, more personal answers to prayer make us that much more thankful for the ever-personal God that cares to meet our little needs or wants.

1. He helped me pass my driver's license test. ;) I was pretty nervous about this, and even thought praying for a nice test person was too goofy a thing to pray for. Well, not only did God allow it to be a woman (YAY!), He had her be the nicest lady there. I was MUCH more calm due to that and was told I passed the test! :)

2. He gave me the energy and courage to do this whole week of Suzuki training. This was not only an answer to my prayers but also to those of my friends and family that were praying for me while I was gone. (Thank you to those of you who did!!!) I truly did benefit from going and am thankful I had the opportunity to gain experience in the areas available.

3. He gave me my second violin student. (This was something I hadn't even prayed specifically about!) It was really an encouragement for that to happen right after the Suzuki thing. Right away He gave me an opportunity to put into use some of the things I learned! :)

4. He had my placement exam thing with the piano professor at COD go completely smoothly. I was SUPER nervous about this as I hadn't even played a piano in over a week, and now I had to prepare stuff to show this guy who would then evaluate if I could waive a class or not. AAAAHH! :) I was praying HARD, and so was my family. Lo and behold the guy is a VERY sweet man, was very kind to me, and might in fact be a Christian. I came away literally awestruck at how God answered above and beyond what I prayed for.

So, here is what has been on my mind lately, and I wanted to somewhat publicly share it so as to emphasize it more. God is SO good, and He loves us and wants to answer our prayers, however big or small they may be.

Now, what are some of YOUR recent blessings? :) I'd love to hear about them!

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