Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Suzuki Chronicles: Day 8

It is ALL. OVER. :) During our final two hours of class, we played through all the Book 1 songs and then learned yet more practice/exercise ideas for the final pieces. We all had to draw a song out of a pile of paper slips, and I got the ONLY one I didn't want: "Gavotte." WAAAH! :) I did manage to forget if I repeated or not, but whatever. I didn't die. ;) (It did kinda hurt though when Joel gave me a thumbs up afterwards. I was like, "Thanks, but don't bother." :P)

And then I had my consultation. My very SHORT consultation with Mrs. George. I really had no questions for her except for ideas of how to get my name out or how exactly to schedule lessons for very young kids. I made sure to thank her for all the hours of preparation and planning I'm sure it took to teach all of this week. Must've been draining. :)

So now I'm home and all is complete. I do still have to send in my audition recordings, but I'm not really worried about that. I've got a certificate and I got tons of tips for teaching which is what I wanted out of the course, so I'm content. Kinda sad I have nothing to blog about now. (You guys are happy, right? ;P) We'll see if I find something to put up sometime. ttul8r :)

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