Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Suzuki Chronicles: Day 7

This has been the shortest Suzuki day so far. Class started at 9 this morning. (Got up a bit after 6. I seriously looked so rough. :P) We were in a different room today: more like a choir rehearsal room. Mrs. George wanted a room with a piano so she could accompany when necessary. The first hour and a half was spent going through more Book 1 literature and discussing practice sections, helpful exercises, etc. The next half of the session began with each of us playing a solo piece from Book 1 for everyone else to watch and comment on. (I was #2, as I wanted to get mine over with. :D) I played "May Song" three times: the first to start with, the second one so everyone could hear my excellent open strings (???), and the third to use the 4th finger as opposed to open E. No bad comments, so yay. We then worked through more literature.

Awful lunch monopoly today. The cafe that is usually open all week was closed, so I had to pay the $9 for lunch today. *GAG* I cannot STAND paying lots of money for food, so this was hard to surrender to. :P (I really had no other lunch option besides vending machine-type stuff.) Food was good though, as usual, and I talked with a lady in my class that has kind of been avoided and ignored a bit. I feel kinda bad for her, so I was happy that she could talk and somebody would listen. :) I didn't have a lunch buddy anyway, so it worked out.

The last hour of class was super fun. Mrs. George went through lots of game ideas/exercises for a group class setting. Lots of mind-twister things. :P I love watching Victoria during this stuff. She has a very fun-loving personality. :)

And now I am home, soon to start my laundry project. (I honestly am so happy to get back to laundry! It's my stabilizing "comfort chore," not to mention it needs to get done. :P) I will blog what little I will have to blog tomorrow. I am thanking God for helping me survive all of this. I seriously was so stressed out about it and He gave me the courage to just do what needed to be done and not wimp on anything. ;) Answers to prayer are powerful.

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