Thursday, July 28, 2011

South Carolina 2

Not sure why I'm blogging now when tonight should prove exceedingly interesting. (We are "ALL" going fishing. :P) I am very excited though because today was our big Greenville excursion.

We first stopped at Educator's Marketplace where I got a piano book, as well as a few other essential literature items. ;) Saw the Hendricksons who are friends from our old church. They are now teachers in Korea, so it was a blessing (and surprise!) that we happened upon them today as they were visiting the states.

Second stop: BJU bookstore. Got another piano book - a collection of duets by Dan Forrest. Can't wait to try them with somebody. Any volunteers?? ;P I also got some other Christian books that I can't wait to read.

Now my favorite part. Mom and I went to a store in the middle of nowhere called Children's Books. I asked a worker if she knew if they carried anything by Leslie Ludy. She walked through the entire store (hundreds of thousands of books), up to a small table, thumped a small stack of books, and said, "This is the only one I have by that author." Couldn't believe how well she knew the store!!! :P Anyway, it was a book I really, really wanted, and it was clearanced! YAY! Also got two Lamplighters and other books that I am just dying to start delving into. :)

So, excellent book day. You guys know how much my library needs to grow. I mean, I barely have anything to read as it is.

I shall let you know how the "fishing excursion" goes. I may not be able to type after being bitten by insects a thousand and one times or hooking my finger instead of a worm, but I will do my best. :P ttul8r


  1. I'll play the duets with you! Just come and visit anytime. I don't have any duet partners here :(

    -Katie :)

  2. I definitely want to come visit you guys sometime, so I'll bring my books. ;)