Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Suzuki Chronicles: Day 5

Today was a day of changing plans last-minute. Instead of observing a Mrs. Montzka, I went to Mr. Yamada's class again. Glad I did. I've decided I totally like him as a person, regardless of a few really bizarre things he's taught the students. He has a lot of fun and is joyful. Gotta love that. :)

The pre-twinkle class was, as usual, very fun to observe. All four of the children are simply adorable. Elizabeth continued to dance to her rhythms, and it was excellent how Mrs. George channeled that into a profitable excercise: walking around the room singing "Twinkle Twinkle." :)

I was kind of talkative in the hour of class we had after that. I have been commenting a lot more than I thought I would. (This doesn't fit my normal personality...) I like to share what I find very interesting in the observations though, and see if anybody noticed the same thing(s).

At 11:30 I observed a small Book 1 group class with one of my classmates. This was an extremely enjoyable class to watch. The teacher had the greatest ideas for musicality mixed with fun. She told the story of Cinderella and occasionally would stop and play a bit of a Book 4 piece that matched what was going on in the story. (My favorite part was her modern terminology: "Cinderella was really bummed out" and "She got this message on her iPhone.") :D Victoria and I were totally cracking up.

I loved lunch. Mostaccioli, chicken nuggets, steamed mixed veggies (MY FAVE!!!!!!), and the usual fruit. (And for those of you who treasure dessert above all other, the dessert was pumpkin bars. :P) I had to eat fast because my roommate Carrie forgot her key in our dorm room and needed me to take her and her friend over there and let them in. :P Where would they be without me. I mean, seriously. jk ;)

And then we had 2 hours of class, followed by my very last observation - #15!! I had heard much negative feedback about this class from my roommate who has gone twice in a row now. I was very interested to see what's so bad about it. It was BAD. Like, within the first 5 minutes I knew I wouldn't like it. The instructor showed up 5 minutes late, had very little direction during the lesson, couldn't control the students, etc. Victoria and I got out of there like MAJOR fail. Hard filling out an observation form when there are only negative comments to make, pretty much. :P We'll see how Mrs. George comments on that tomorrow.

I had a bit of a break after dinner before going to a recital. This recital was over 2 hours long, was totally a solo recital, and every single piece was like a full movement of a (boring) Classical piece. The guy even said at the beginning that we shouldn't leave until the entire thing was over. I had NO idea it would be that long, or I probably would've stayed here. Oh well. Got to see how several students perform.

And now I am so happy to say bye to my last day before going home and commuting from there on. :) I miss my family. Like, LOTS. I also miss the ability to get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and loudly say "OH MAN YOU'RE ROUGH-LOOKIN'" without waking anyone up. :P Talk to y'all tomorrow.

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