Monday, July 4, 2011

The Suzuki Chronicles: Day 2

Well, I woke up at 5 this morning on accident and couldn't fall back asleep. It ended up being sort of a blessing because I was able to write my essay and do my devotions and walk around a bit before starting the day officially.

First I watched a beginner orchestra rehearsal. Fun to observe the teacher be so patient. Also fun to observe Joel (the guy I know) constantly read my notes. :P So funny. I write, put down my pen, he tries to read it, then scribbles on his paper. :) Then I observed my teacher, Michele George, instruct several students on their various pieces. Then normal class time where we practiced playing the Twinkle Variations with one person doing the left hand and another doing the right. Suddenly your coordination flies out the window!! :P In my class time, I also turned in all of my homework (YAY!) and gave my presentation. Went well, I think, and thankfully I didn't panic, and now it's over with, so yay again.

Tonight once my classes were all completed, my family came, picked me up, and we headed over to Six Flags for their whole 4th of July extravaganza. Mike and I went on our favorite rides (Viper and Raging Bull), Charlotte and I went on Big Easy Balloons, and all 3 of us kids went on Batman: The Dark Knight. Yep! Char finally got brave enough to try it! :) I just love going on the coasters. As we finished riding everything, it was just about time for the fireworks show to start, so we found a spot and sat down. One firework went off. Several seconds later another one. It continued until we started questioning how great this really would be..... Suddenly the Glow in the Park parade began. I cannot even explain how interesting that was. Maybe it's on YouTube somewhere. VERY neat!!!! Right as we were all screaming and clapping for the Batman float, enormous blasts of sound and color appeared behind us. BIG TIME FIREWORKS!!!!!! *screaming, cheering, the whole works* The show was fabulous. Absolutely fantastic. Probably the best grand finale I've ever seen. So, I had a WONDERFUL 4th of July evening with my wonderful family.

So thankful for the highly profitable, although somewhat exhausting day. Tomorrow the schedule just gets busier, but I've found that I am way bolder with people I don't know than with people I do, so I'm not being as timid this time. :)

Again, I will hopefully update this tomorrow after the long day's done. :) Thanks for praying if any of you did. God was very good to me today. :)

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