Friday, July 8, 2011

The Suzuki Chronicles: Day 6

Only two more days to go! This morning I once again watched the group class that I didn't like yesterday. It was WAY better today, I must say. The teacher did find some good exercises to keep the little players occupied. She was quite funny at times, too. :)

Went to class and got my very last observation sheet returned to me, so all that is completely finished. :) Discussed the previous group class and whatnot, played a little, and then went to lunch. Once again, the food was fantastic, so I enjoyed getting full. :P After lunch I had a HUGE break, so I went back to the dorms, emailed, did my usual blog stalking, listened to music, packed up some stuff, and took a nap.

Had the usual 3 hours of class time this afternoon. Before everything started, I had all my classmates and teacher sign my Suzuki t-shirt with various colored Sharpie pens. Made for a very colorful and fun souvenir thing. :) Victoria put a message in Spanish, and a girl named Sook Young put her name in Korean. Kinda neat. :) This class session was FULL of heavy-duty teaching materials for the first few Book 1 songs. We learned songs and practice sections and bowing exercises and the like. Very helpful, but a tad hard on the brain. ;) (We easily discover who's the most tired when we have to do coordination stuff.) Had to be Joel's partner again today. So funny when we each get turns at being the other person's left hand. We make each other sound AWFUL!!!! :P (It's hard when we're both the tallest too.)

After class, I went to see what dinner was. Skipped it, besides the pound cake and raspberries. ;) (It was fish and some sort of spicy Mexican rice......yeah.) Went to my room and packed up everything and then Mom came and we LEFT. I am now HOME and in MY OWN BED as I type this. So happy to be back in my comfy room. And tomorrow and Sunday are totally light days schedule-wise, so I am good to go. I am getting excited. :)

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  1. Good girl...glad you at least ate those raspberries :)