Wednesday, July 27, 2011

South Carolina

So, this has to be THE most travelingest year I've had so far. :P I am once again away from home - in the gorgeous land of South Carolina. It was amusing to survive a 12-hr drive with only myself and my parents. We were all insanely tired (I had gotten up at 5:30), and we therefore laughed like utter goofballs throughout the drive.

It is always nice to be here, but always a little sad too. I remember so many fun times with fun people and I wish I could zoom back in time and enjoy everything once again, just how it was. Anyway, today we all went to the Pickens Jockey Lot where I found everything from blades for my razor to a rare book by Beatrix Potter. (Told you I was random. :P) Mom and I are the worst at talking people down on anything. :P So I went a different route. I needed the razor blades. I wasn't going home without the razor blades. But I was NOT going to pay $10 for the razor blades. And I said so. :P The lady was like, "WHY?!" I said, "Because they're just a few dollars more at a regular store!" She then went down $2 or so at which time I promptly agreed to buy them. :)

We stayed there till lunchtime. We ate at a little diner type thingy. I sat with the kids. Kids and ketchup. I got ketchup all over my hands, on my foot, on my skirt, and on about 1,000 napkins. Abigail and Hannah (the Marsceaus' girls) got a huge patch of ketchup on both their skirts. It was just a ketchup disaster day. :P

After lunch, Mom, Meredith, Amanda, and I went to two thrift stores. I found a few neat books and a blouse that I am VERY, VERY excited about. Can't wait to wear it. :)

And now we leave soon to go to our old church for their Wednesday night service. More memories. Green and orange decorated auditorium, bathrooms so small you can barely turn around in them, and wonderful hymnals with all the good old songs in them.

Parting note: I think it wouldn't take much for me to be convinced to come down to BJU so long as I could see Bald Rock as well as the beautiful Marsceau children every week or so. :) It's nice down here. I'd have to embrace my rusty "country side" but it wouldn't take long for the Southern accent to influence my speech, I assure you. I smile everytime I hear "ain't" and "y'all." :) Okay okay. I'm done typing. Really. You shouldn't have even spent your time reading this. Bye. :P

P.S.- RB, I don't have a camera so pics are out. :(

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