Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Suzuki Chronicles: Day 1

Many of you know that from today through next Sunday I will be doing this Suzuki teacher training here in Deerfield. I thought to keep myself light-hearted about this whole thing, I'd blog about each day's experiences.

So. The dorms are clean and fine. I hate how the toilet is separated from the shower. (Should've seen my face when I discovered that, eh Mom? :P) I successfully put the sheets on my bed and the pillow in the pillowcase. As soon as I had a spare minute I connected to the wi-fi. ;)

Today after registering, we all had a short orientation meeting that accomplished nothing save confusing everyone. :) I was not given my lunch ticket like I was supposed to so guess what? I didn't eat. I sat with my sweet roommate, Carrie, and another girl who came all the way from Malaysia. Yeah. These people are devoted. Then we all had 3 hours of class time. I only knew one person coming here, and he was in my class, so that was sort of a blessing. He's the only guy doing Suzuki book 1, and already it seems this girl from Uruguay has a crush on him. (*rolls eyes*) The class time was pretty good. I took lots of notes, and we got to play a bit. But my teacher gives LOTS of homework! I'll have to seriously put my writing abilities to use tonight - I have about 4 things to prepare. Please pray that I present my stuff with confidence and clarity. ;)

So, all in all, I have not died yet. YET. I've already got a head start on my 15 required observation hours, as well as my writing projects. I have two friends: Carrie (my roommate), and then a young mother of 3 that I met in class. We started talking because she asked if I came from a homeschool background. She is actually an ex-ATI person so I am very interested to talk with her more about all of that. I am thankful God has already given me opportunities to lovingly share my beliefs with people. My goal this week, above anything I could get out of this training, is to love people and somehow be a loving representation of God's truth.

This post has convinced me I'm the blogging type. :P Sorry it's so long. I feel like talking to SOMEBODY. Wish I could've gone to church tonight. (Miss you guys already!) I shall fill you in about tomorrow tomorrow. :P

P.S. - Some quotes of the day:

"I want a little more structure in my head." ~ Victoria, the Uruguay girl :P

"Only Suzuki taught the Suzuki Method." ~ a well-known saying amongst Suzuki teachers. I wrote this down because it's so true. ALL teachers have ALL different ways of teaching. Three cheers for diversity! :P


  1. Hahaha! You're hilarious! Definitely a born writer :)

    Suzuki, huh? Ah, yes. I have such fond memories of it....squeaking violins playing "Twinkle Variations" for hours on end, and my sisters playing the CD OVER and OVER and OVER until I finally learned how to play the song myself! ;)

    Lol! Just kidding! :) I can get away with picking on Suzuki because 3 of my sisters have gone through it. I feel like an old pro! In fact, I had to accompany for all of them at recitals. :)

    Anyways, have fun at your Suzuki training and try to get hold of some lunch tickets, girlie! ;)


  2. Well I'm so glad to hear you're having fun. :P

  3. Katie, thou makest me laugh. ;) TOTALLY a correct description of the Suzuki realm. With all the revising they do to their books, how about some NEW SONGS??!! :D