Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Suzuki Chronicles: Day 4

Well folks, my left eyelid has not stopped twitching for 4 days. You know what that means. Yep. Exhaustion. All of us all day were saying Wednesday is the lowest point in the week. Everybody's tired, everybody's making writing errors, everybody can't think of stuff or say things correctly. Ah me. At least the teacher said, "Hey guys, this is exhausting work. Just having to sit for so long is tiring." :)

Started the day by observing a Book 1 lesson taught by Mr. Yamada, a Chinese guy. (Toyota, Yamada, yeah.) Beginning of the lesson was kind of boring, but near the end he was SUCH FUN! Really being a fun guy and involving even those of us who were simply observing. Very little reception in that room though. Awful for texting. :p

Then I observed the usual pre-twinkle class taught by Mrs. George. Excellent progress was seen in all four students, so that was great. One really bad thing but funny thing happened during that. Twin boys were waiting for their lessons. Both were wearing their name tags. One of them pulled the brother's tag WAY down, and....(you know it's coming)...let go, TOTALLY snapping the tag into the poor guy's eye!!! Mother and child immediately exited the room. :P We tried so hard to keep from laughing. I mean, it was just so pathetic. :P

Then we had an hour of class, with the usual turning in and receiving of observation sheets (no bad notes on mine!), and discussion of the previous lesson.

Final observation of the day: another Book lesson for 4 taught by Ann Smelser. Also noticed progress since yesterday. Took better notes this time. ;)

MAD DASH TO THE WAYBRIGHT CENTER FOR MY SACK LUNCH! I had like 5 minutes to get into the SAA meeting or whatever it was. I was mostly in my own little world for that. Definitely did not enjoy it, besides eating my lunch. Lots of typical proud Suzuki comments that turned me off once again. Met a new guy though. A cellist who teaches and takes these courses along with his wife.

And then I had a break. Nice break. Checked emails, brushed my hair, put on fresh deodorant (TMI?), and looked over my papers once again. And then went to my last class session of the day.

Lots of playing involved today. Playing with the CD and stuff. Lots of partners work. Partners work gets so awkward sometimes. :P Especially holding hands stuff. We had lots of laughs though. ;) Dinner afterwards was kind of random: nachos, an obscure chicken dish, rice, and pound cake with raspberries. Yummy and filling, so yay.

And now I have the entire evening "off." Might watch a movie or something. Wish I could go to church. :( Tomorrow is my last crammed full day. Should be good.

Quote of the day: "I feel like a wreck." ~ a young Suzuki student named Camille :)

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  1. day. At least the pound cake sounds good! Anything with raspberries would cheer me up :)

    Hey, you figured out how to change your background! Nice flipflops ;)

    -Katie :)